Enlighten Home can help you build your own package of support, focusing on your own specific needs and what you want to achieve. If you have mental health and learning disability needs, we can support you towards recovery


       What services does our supported living provide?

The type and amount of support provided varies from person to person, depending on their particular needs. We provide a 24-hour support. Individual packages of support might include help with:


It is vitally important to us at Enlighten Home that we treat the people we support with respect and kindness at all times. We exist to provide care and support to adults with learning disabilities and or mental health disorders and this means they must always be safeguarded by us from any harm. We have very comprehensive systems in place to self regulate and guard against bad practice. However we need to make clear that if anyone observes a person we support being mistreated by anyone or in any situation, this must be reported to us immediately so we can take prompt action to make the victim safe. Please be assured that Enlighten Homes welcomes and values all and any information that helps us to ensure the safety and welfare of the people we support at all times. All such alerts and information will be fully investigated and all those who raise concerns can do it here have the option to do it anonymously. If you have any concerns (no matter how small) please raise them with us. We can assure you that we will take immediate action. Enlighten Home would like to thank you for your concern.